Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Wednesday to play our game!  Our team had a blast.  Here are some images from the event!  We are working on getting images and videos of the actual game posted latter today!






Episode 3 in the thrilling tale of three goblins in over their heads!  Follow the adventure on Facebook!

Gen: Hey Guys! Look! Mr. Butterfly is so pretty!
Jlen: Wow. They never said anything about this when we got the call.
Gimmy: Oh man, look at that! I think that’s Sponk! What happened to him?
Gen: No, look! All the different colors and how pretty it is!
Jlen: Not now, Gen! What on earth happened in there?
Gimmy: No. Uh uh. No way am I going in there! Who knows what we are going to find?
Jlen: Orders are orders. We’ve got to find out what happened! For the good of all Goblin kind!
Gen: It looks like a cupcake!
Jlen: Alright, lets get in there and find out what is going on. Maybe we can find some survivors and figure out who did this!
Gimmy: Alright, but you go first!
Jlen: Why is it the only time you want to go first is when we eat?


April 23rd!

Our game announcement has been moved up to April 23rd!  We are showcasing our new game on the Campus of Central Piedmont Community College!  As part of Springfest and SGD e-zine, we will be demoing the game on lawn near the Overcash building on the 23rd 10am to 2pm.  Less than 7 days from now!




Episode 2 in the Ongoing Facebook Saga of Gimmy, Gen, and Jlen

Gen: “You know, with this spear, catching chack is easy!”
Gimmy: “Remind me why we keep him around, again?”
Jlen: “Because we are required to be in teams of three?”
Gimmy: “Oh, right. And why is this hammer so heavy?”
Jlen: “Don’t ask me. You were the one who said to make it as heavy as possible.”
Gimmy: “Hey Gen, help me carry this!”
Jlen: “Stop that. Gen, you don’t need to do what he said!”
Gimmy: “Grr. So, you heard the latest news?”
Jlen: “Only rumors. What have you heard?”
Gimmy: “Supposedly, the division of Goblins they sent to the border got wiped out.”
Jlen: “The Second Division? No.”
Gen: “Uh huh. It’s true! I heard it from Hank, who heard it from Gonk, who heard it from Tral”
Gimmy: “You know what? Never mind. Let’s just get going.”

More episodes coming soon and our game announcement on the 25th!


Going from now until April 25th we will be previewing a new story on facebook with our game:


Gimmy: “Rat again? We’ve had rat every day now for a week!”
Gen: I like rat!
Gimmy: Quiet Gen! Nobody asked you!
Jlen: Gimmy, if you want something other than rat, you better do somthing more than just complain!”
Gimmy: You don’t have to get angry! I’m just sayin is all…
Gen: I also like pig!
Jlen: We know, Gen. You’ve told us now quite a few times. You heard the news, Gimmy?
Gimmy: News?
Jlen: We’re getting mobilized. One of the border posts was hit, and nobody knows what just happened. We’re headed to the armory to get our gear in a few days.
Gimmy: Maybe they’ll finally pay us for our services?
Jlen: Ha!
Gen: I also like chack!
Jlen and Gimmy: WE KNOW!

The website is back and is getting up to date.  We still have some changes to make to the site.  Some website tools were not available during the current upgrade, but everything should be available for you to browse.