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Strengthen inclusion

Support communication and knowledge sharing

Rebuild motivation and commitment



Ugly Duckling Games develop engaging games for the classroom based on the scientifically proven method ‘School at Play’. We work in close cooperation with teachers, so our games can contribute to teaching in a positive way.

Drama Studio

Drama Studio is a game created to give players a 3D experience,
making drama and theater more accessible
and relevant for students.

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92 % of all children and young adults in Denmark play computer games every day.

FactsDuck, Ugly Duckling Games

School At Play

Games and game thinking can bring a lot of good to the classroom, but it will not happen on its own. The School At Play methodology is one of a kind in the world, tested and validated by Aalborg University in Copenhagen, VIA, UCC, and a number of danish public and special schools.

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#schoolatplay – Will the teacher become redundant when games are used in education?

By |oktober 26th, 2020|Categories: #Schoolatplay, English|

Sometimes we come across the perception that playing games in class will make the teacher redundant. We at Ugly Duckling Games completely disagree with that!  Take a look [...]

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